There are three areas in which The Shenbaum Group works with investors:  (1) Group Investment Program, where you invest with us on our rehab projects; (2) Wholesale/As-Is, buy a wholesale property from us, and, lastly, (3) Turnkey Income Properties, buy a turnkey income property from us.


Group Investment Program

Invest with The Shenbaum Group, Inc. on our rehab projects.  We will be offering our first group investment program in Fall 2011.  Each member will invest $25,000 or $50,000 into the group investment pool.  With that pool of money, The Shenbaum Group, Inc. will do what it does best, buy properties that are undervalued, rehab them, and resell them to retail buyers.  Typically, this investment pool will have a 1-year lifespan, after which all proceeds plus original investment will be distributed to you, the investor.  Ask to be added to our list and you will be the first to learn about our group investment program when we roll it out.



For a very short period of time, we offer our recent purchases directly to a short and qualified list of cash buyers/investors.  These properties must meet our minimum criteria for purchase or we won’t offer them to you.  In short, if we wouldn’t buy it, we won’t offer it to you.  These properties are the best of the market’s listings direct at wholesale prices. You won’t find these properties on MLS!  Email us to become a member of this preferred buyer list.


Turnkey Income Properties

Turnkey Income Properties are ready to lease and can be placed with management before you close escrow.  Or if you want to self-manage or use an outside company, no problem!  Our goal is to make you successful in this business. We take all of the hassles out of income property investment and management.  Contact us today, if you are interested.