We are delighted that your clients are interested in submitting an offer on one of our properties.  Please review our few simple requests below to maximize your clients’ offer package.


Along with a standard CAR Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA), please submit the following:

  • Pre-Approval Letter from a bank or mortgage broker (a Pre-Qualification Letter may only be accepted with the agreement that a Pre-Approval will be received before a final offer is accepted).
  • Credit scores for each buyer
  • Proof of funds

Please include the following in the RPA:

  • Seller is “The Shenbaum Group, Inc.
  • Listing Agent is “FSBO” (DO NOT WRITE “Homecoin” or offer will have to be resubmitted*)
  • Escrow to be “Peninsula Escrow”
  • Title to be “Seller’s Choice” (seller has binder policy already in place)

Want your offer to stand out from the rest?

All offers will be considered, but The Shenbaum Group is looking for a clean and fast sale with a purchase price at or above market value. Shorter escrow and contingency periods are highly preferred.

How should you submit your offer?

Send offers to:  Click here to view our email address.

We look forward to working with you in escrow!


Additional information that you may need at your fingertips.

Mailing address: The Shenbaum Group, Inc., 318 Avenue I, #424, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Phone number: (424) 242-9304

A+ BBB rating

Yelp Reviews (FYI – The Shenbaum Group’s dba is Jennifer Buys Houses)



The Shenbaum Group, Inc. (a California Corporation) is representing itself (FSBO) in this transaction. Homecoin.com is a flat-fee real estate broker and should NOT be listed on any of the CAR forms.