In my six years of active real estate investing, I have come to realize the importance of education.  And that the most successful real estate investors have mentors who guide them (including me).   Without these mentors, I would have given up, gambled too aggressively, and not had a vision.

If you are looking for a real investor who is willing to commit time to you, and cultivate a true one-on-one mentoring relationship that can be mutually beneficial, then you have found the right person. I work with clients who want to learn.  My goal is to help you become independently wealthy by making your real estate investment business as profitable as possible.

I work with a few select individuals at a time, so that you get my undivided attention.  You can contact me anytime.   I will help you get over your “barriers” and push you to succeed.  I will be brutally honest and let you know when a deal is great and when it’s a gamble.  Not only can I help you make money, I can save you from losing money and from wasting years trying to break into the business.